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Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Made
From Naturally Fallen Palm Leaves
Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Made From Naturally Fallen Palm Leaves




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Customers are saying

"I am so excited about our dinnerware (yes, I'm serious) for our reception! We fell in love with Naturally Chic's palm leaf plates when we used them for a party we hosted last year. Our guests were actually asking if they were disposable or not because they were such great quality! I wanted our wedding to be as eco-friendly as possible and these plates, made from naturally fallen palm tree leaves, will definitely be the highlight!
Thank you to Dallas, at Naturally Chic, for being so helpful and great to work with! We cannot wait for you all to use these plates at the reception!"
- Courtney Y.


5" Soup Spoon


Per 25 pack

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The guilt-free, disposable solution

  • ✓ Natural
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ Compostable
  • ✓ Sustainable

  • We understand the hassle and headache of cleanup after hosting large events

  • ...and the environmental guilt of tossing plastic and foam in a landfill!

  • Our products are 100% natural, biodegradable, compostable and produced from renewable materials!

  • They've also been third party lab tested and approved in accordance with FDA Food Contact Materials standards.


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